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Game Recap: Glory Days vs. MN Mean

By Karissa Thomson 02/08/2022, 10:45am CST

Game recap from Monday, February 7

Monday's home game versus Glory Days resulted in a 2-0 victory.

The puck found itself in both ends of the ice for most of the first period. Towards the end of the period, Minnesota Mean had a few dominating chances in the opposing end. 

During the second period, the back and forth play was overshadowed  by Glory Days' ability to move the puck to each other and good stickhandling moves. Glory Days had a few scary scoring opportunities, but MN Mean goaltender Shelby Rasmussen held strong in net. The first tally of the game was awarded to Minnesota Mean's Jess Smith at 3:10 of the period off of a strong rush and assist from Morgan Lunders. 

The third period was also back and forth. Minnesota Mean exhibited their speed, while Glory Days played physical and connected. MN Mean put the puck behind Glory Days' goaltender Nicole Muske for the final time at 7:50 after a tangled up scrum to the left of the net. The goal was awarded to Mean's Elle Adams, assisted again by Morgan Lunders. At 6:40 of the period, Glory Days' Kelly Sullivan received a penalty for tripping. 

The two goal lead and hardworking defense proved to be enough for the Minnesota Mean to hold on for a victory. 

MN Mean's next game is Saturday, February 12 on Augsburg B at 8:00pm, where they will face Fusion.

Game Recap: MN Mean vs. Fusion

By Karissa Thomson 12/09/2021, 10:30am CST


Sunday's away game against Fusion ended in a 2-0 loss. 

The first period started with a bang, both teams working hard to find their footing. Clean, physical play and good sportsmanship was the cadence of the period. 

The action started in the second period, when Fusion's Bailey Erickson found the back of the net against Mean's Shelby Rasmussen off of a backdoor rebound at 6:10 of the period. Shortly after, Fusion's Lindsey Klein took a seat in the box for tripping. 

The only tally in the third period came from Fusion's Bailey Erickson, her second goal of the night. After two pipes and a few scattered scoring chances, it was not enough for the Minnesota Mean to pull off a victory.

MN Mean will take on Fusion for a rematch on Saturday, February 12, 2022. 

MN Mean's next game is tonight, Thursday, December 9 on Augsburg Rink A at 6:30, where they will face Outer Edge.

Game Recap: MN Mean vs. Frozen Stiffs

By Karissa Thomson 12/02/2021, 8:45am CST

Game recap from Monday, November 22

Monday's away game versus the Frozen Stiffs ended in a 1-1 tie. 

Minnesota Mean's Karissa Thomson put in the first tally of the game in the first period against Frozen Stiff's Kristen Jung. MN Mean's Autumn Pace found the penalty box for a slash, while Stiff's Ashley Andrews took a tripping penalty shortly after. 

The second period was riddled with questionable physicality and penalties. Stiff's Melissa Monson took two penalties in the second period, the first a slash and second a trip. MN Mean's Becca Neumann  took a penalty for a slash. The second period was scoreless, with both goaltenders making crucial saves on dangerous plays.

The third period was a continuation of physicality and emotion. MN Mean's Alison Sommer found the penalty box for a trip. Shortly after, Miranda Mulvihill received a penalty for tripping. After a tight one goal game thus far, the Frozen Stiffs' Christine Girtz put the puck past Mean's Shelby Rasmussen at the 7:30 mark. At 4:45 of the period, Stiff's Shay Soplin had an outburst that cost her three penalties. A double minor for slashing and unsportsmanlike conduct, followed shortly after by a game misconduct after a heated exchange with the referees. The last penalty of the game was given to Stiff's Jenny Gensch for holding. 

MN Mean will face the Frozen Stiffs again on Thursday, January 13, 2022.

MN Mean's next game is on Sunday, December 5, on Augsburg Rink B at 5:00pm where they will face Fusion.

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