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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started with WHAM

Skaters at any level are welcome to join WHAM, from beginners to former Olympians!  There are 8 levels: C3 (true beginners), C2, C1, B3, B2, B1, A2, and A1.  Coaches and managers are also welcome.  Wherever you are in your hockey career, WHAM has a level for you!

Players registering with WHAM for the first time may enter the league in one of three ways: (1) according to prior hockey experience, (2) via a WHAM assessment, or (3) by participating in Hockey 101 and being assessed the last session.

If you have a team that you wish to join, you must qualify for that level prior to registering with a team.  If you don’t have a team, you may advertise in the WHAM classifieds under “Players looking for team” and/or contact the division commissioner and VP.  (See League contacts on the website.)

If you are brand new to hockey, jump to items 2 and 3 below!

1.  New players to the Organization with prior hockey experience

Register based on highest level of hockey experience according to the list below. For example, a player with both varsity high school and Division III collegiate experience must register with the division of her highest experience, which is DIII experience.

Experience                                                                                         Division

Division I Elite+ (invitation/evaluation to participate)                           A-Elite

Under 30: Division I & Division III College,                                         A1 Division or higher


Age 30 and older: Division I & Division III College.                             A2 Division or higher

Or Varsity High School, National development camp, U19a


Junior Varsity High School                                                                  B1 Division or higher

(NOTE: New Players may appeal to play at a lower division by attending a WHAM-sponsored skills assessment.)


2.  Players who are new to the Organization who do NOT meet experience qualifications above.

All new players NOT who do not meet the experience qualifications above must attend a WHAM-sponsored skills assessment to determine appropriate division placement. (This includes former high school /college goalies desiring to skate out at another level.)  Any Player desiring to play at a lower level (than dictated by the chart) may appeal by attending an assessment.  Assessments are generally scheduled from August through December of each year.  See the WHAM website for details under the ASSESS tab.

Following your assessment, if you have questions about your results, feel free to contact the League Administrator:

3. If you are brand new to hockey

In lieu of attending a skills assessment, new Players with minimal to no hockey experience are invited to register and participate in a WHAM-sponsored Hockey 101 development clinic held each spring.  Players who satisfy the participation requirements of the clinic are provided a WHAM Division Classification and may register at that division or higher.

All new members

Probation: All new players are on probation for the first season of membership to ensure placement at the correct level.  The player’s skills may be reassessed prior to the next season, and the player may be reassigned to a more appropriate division. 

Appeal: If a new player disagrees with her assessed level, she is welcome to appeal by attending another assessment.

WHAM Board discretionThe Board retains the authority to move Players and teams between divisions as needed

What is the age requirement?

WHAM is an adult women's hockey league. As such, we require our participants to be at least 18 years of age by July 1st. All ages 18 and older are welcome to participate!

How much does it cost?

The 2019-20 season breakdown of fees is as follows: WHAM fee - $29, USA Hockey - $40

Individual team fees vary based on cost of ice rental, referee payments, and jerseys. Check with your team manager for more details.

Registering for WHAM

Once you've found a team that you qualify for based on previous experience or an attended assessment, you're ready to register!

Registration will open September 1st and remain open through January 31st. To play in WHAM you must register and pay fees for USA Hockey, Minnesota Hockey and WHAM. This is all done online and complete details about registering online can be found on the Register tab homepage. When your registration is complete, you'll receive a confirmatory email from both USA Hockey and WHAM verifying that all fees have been paid and registration is complete. If registered properly, your name will appear on your selected teams homepage as an officially registered player for that season.


This is a brief summary of the steps required to start playing in WHAM, not the complete details. Please check the website and league handbook for complete information. Your team manager will also be helpful in coaching you through this process. You can also email your Division Commissioner or the League Administrator with questions.

Thank you for your interest in WHAM. We can't wait to see you on the ice!!

SAME DAY Game Cancellations

If you need to cancel a game for any reason on the day of the game, please contact our ref scheduler Jeff at Notification must be made 4 hours prior to game start time in order to waive ref fees for that game. See WHAM handbook for complete details. Please note that a fee may be assessed for any game changes made in accordance to the league game change policy.

In addition to calling our ref schedulers, you must also email our league administrator with the details at

Where can I find teams looking for players?

If you are new to WHAM or looking to change teams and do not have a team to join, please check out our classifieds tab. Here you will find information about teams looking for players, and have the opportunity to post an ad yourself as a player looking for a team.

You will also find more information on open skating, available tournaments, our sub goalie pool, and more hockey opportunities to take advantage of.