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Championship Tournament

Congratulations to the 2015 Champions

A2 - Outer Edge

B1 - Marshals

B2 - Mystics

B3 - Inside Edge

C1 - Anarchy

C2 - Penalty Box

C3 - The Stanleys (undefeated season!!!)

2015 WHAM Championship Tournament

Important and exciting news about the 2015 WHAM Championship Tournament

With our 2014-2015 WHAM season winding down, it’s time to start preparing for the WHAM Championship Tournament.  Our end of season, intra-league tournament will take place at the Dakotah Sports Arena in Prior Lake, MN (a few pre-games will be played at Augsburg and Brooklyn Park arenas March 11-13th) March 11- 15th, 2015.  For the fifth year, our end of season tournament will not be sanctioned by and/or run as part of Minnesota Hockey due to WHAM's recreational league status under USA and MN Hockey.

Some important dates to remember and prepare for as we get closer to the tournament:

Important Dates

All stats must be entered into the online stat program by February 25th, 2015.

Teams qualifying for the WHAM Championship Tournament must commit to playing by February 26th, 2015. Teams will be notified by Division Commissioners regarding qualification and must respond back with either a commitment to play or a decline. If teams decline the opportunity to play in the tournament, the next eligible team will be extended the opportunity.

The tournament will begin on Wednesday, March 11th and will run through championship Sunday, March 15th, 2015.

If teams know of potential advertisers for the tournament program—or potential vendors for the Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday Vendor Fair—please contact League Administrator Erika Hockinson-Spande at leagueadmin@whamhockey.org by March 3rd.

Exciting Facts

The WHAM Championship Tournament will continue with exciting improvements —many of which come as the result of listening to the feedback from our membership.

  • No gate fees. All spectators will be admitted FREE of charge.
  • Lower tournament fees: $500.00

Tournament Fees due no later than March 3rd, 2015


3624 Rhode Island Avenue So.

Minneapolis, MN 55426

  • All tournament games will be played at Dakotah Arena (exception of some pre-games at Augsburg and Brooklyn Park)
  • A Vendor Fair on Saturday and Sunday (Friday night should vendors want to) during the tournament, where vendors will display and sell a variety of hockey-related and non-hockey related items.
  • Winning teams will receive commemorative T-shirts to celebrate their success in the tournament.
  • Our bi-annual Hall of Fame ceremony will take place on Sunday, March 15th on Rink 1 at noon
  • Teams will only be required to provide one volunteer per game—for scorekeeping/clock. No additional volunteer hours will be required.

Answers to Questions You May Have Regarding These Changes:

Q:  What measures will be taken to ensure rosters for all teams are valid?

A:  Just like during the regular WHAM season, teams are expected to play only properly rostered players at the tournament. No formal “check-in” process will be conducted to validate rosters. It is incumbent upon participating teams to ensure they have a proper roster on hand—one printed from the WHAM website that lists the official roster for your team—and, that all players have a valid form of identification with them during the tournament. At any point an opposing team can request a team to produce a roster and request that all players show proper identification. Players who are not properly rostered and/or who fail to show proper ID will not be allowed to skate—and the team may be disqualified—per rules in the WHAM Handbook.

Q: When will the tournament schedule be posted?

A: After all qualifying teams have been identified and have committed to playing in the tournament, schedules will be posted on the WHAM website and sent to all participating teams. This should occur during the week of March 3rd, 2015.

Q: Will there be trophies for winning teams?

A: No trophies will be awarded at the tournament. Feedback from members shows that, other than having a trophy for a photo opportunity at the end of the tournament, most teams don’t really have a place to display a trophy—and most end up in a garage or basement of one of the players. The trophies are expensive and challenging to maintain. In addition, they were funded by Minnesota Hockey, and since this is a WHAM tournament, it seemed like a great time to honor the feedback from our members and to do something different, such as the tournament T-shirts. We will ask that all existing trophies be returned at the Fall Meeting.

Q: Will there be medical staff on site?

A:  For the safety of the players, there will be a certified athletic trainer and/or EMT on site for all games during the champioship tournament.

Q: Will there be a tournament program?

A: Yes, a tournament program will be available. Each participating team will receive 18 copies of the program and the remainder will be available to fans until the supply runs out. Advertising and sponsorship will provide the funds to create and print the programs.